Our Staff

Miss Helen & Kids

Our Staff

Our staff can best be described as energetic, loving and experienced early childhood professionals.  Teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education and Assistant Teachers hold NYS Teaching Assistant Certificates (ATAS) and are trained in-house, with workshops and years of experience behind them.  All staff are fingerprinted by the FBI and cleared through the NYS Central Register for Child Abuse & Maltreatment.

UPK staff is additionally fingerprinted by the Department of Education.

Our bilingual staff is ever-ready to assist in comforting a child or translating for a parent whenever necessary.

At Jack & Jill we build a sense of community, classroom by classroom, and provide books, materials, and experiences which reflect the diverse cultures and interests of our school population.

Parents are encouraged to be our partners, as open lines of communication and parental involvement are essential for a successful childcare experience.

All classrooms are equipped with telephone/intercoms so that parents may call in at any time to check-in, speak with a teacher, or to just say “I love you” to their child.